You remodeled a brand new trailer?!

Call us crazy, but living in close quarters won’t work unless it feels like home. Even a brand new trailer won’t give you that. So yes, we changed it up. And by we, I mean mostly Linsie. I wasn’t allowed to help, not until the end.

Right after getting home with the trailer, plans began to make changes. Linsie and Rana (her bff), got to tearing out and measuring in no time.

Lots of paint, wall paper, trim, sawing, cutting, hammering, drilling, Amazon orders, trips to Lowes and Home Depot, blood, tears and sweat went into making this thing feel like home. Pretty soon, it started to come together.

Linsie was going for the “modern country home” look and it turned out great. I was a bit nervous about it as the timeline for us to go on our first test run/weekend trip came up fast. For the most part, it was put back together and ready to roll.

What was the biggest change you made?

The biggest change was probably made to our dining/living room slide. It came with a long bench for a dining table that could sit up to 6 people, and could turn into a bed. It had a smaller couch next to it. Instead, the dining table was replaced with a wooden top, perpendicular to the original table, and a booth seating area, using the ends to the original bench. This allowed for enough room to fit a full size day bed to be used as a lounging/sitting area. 

Other changes included adding/replacing trim, painting walls and cabinets, replacing original wall panels with shiplap, swapping out LED strips with actual 12V light fixtures, new faucet fixtures. 

Rana also made us a custom fireplace that included cabinets, drawers and shelf space to help add more storage options. 

Would you do it again? 

Absolutely! Maybe not to a brand new unit, but instead invest in an older model that could actually use some updating. I think if we had allowed ourselves more time, we would’ve gone this route from the beginning. 

In our minds, we were going to stick it out to the finish in this rig so it had to feel right. 

What did you learn?

We learned and are still learning a lot! We talked about all the ideas and made changes accordingly, however it wasn’t until we were actually using it that somethings could have been done differently. When you live out of your RV, you actually notice things you didn’t think about before. Camping in one over the weekend versus living in are completely different. You have to be able to think on your feet and be or become handy. 


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