About us

Nice to meet you

Howdy! We’re Jose, Linsie, Lilly, Ivan and Mia (cat). We moved to Washington state from Texas in 2020. After 3 years there, we decided to start traveling in our travel trailer in the late summer of 2023.

Linsie is a Radiology/CT Tech and jumped on the traveling train in her profession. That allowed us to choose our destinations with a plan in mind. She gets to decide which hospital she works at and we choose where to stay based on that.

Jose works remotely. His profession in IT and Automotive Compliance allows him to work from where ever Linsie’s job takes us.

Lilly is a gymnast, loves soccer, softball and can do a mean rear naked choke. She wants to try basketball next!

Ivan loves soccer, baseball and recently excelled in his first basketball season. 

No matter where we go, the kids get involved with sports!

so far so good!

Linsie’s first travel contract took us to New Hampshire. Of all places, we didn’t quite imagine hauling our 34′ Heartland Mallard across the entire US for the first trip, but there we were. 

Due to the popularity of the fall color changes in the New England region, we had to divide up our 13 week stay at 3 different RV resorts/campgrounds. We certainly learned a lot!

After the first stint, we decided to try out the winter in the West Virginia panhandle. It got cold and we had a good amount of snow, but all in all, it wasn’t too bad. We survived!

Almost 30 weeks in, we learned that we didn’t make the greatest camper choice for this lifestyle. We realized we needed more space and more storage so we made the decision of looking for a bigger rig. After researching all over, we finally found it at the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa. We took home a 44′ Jayco North Point 5th wheel. So far, we’re happy with our choice!

fed up adventures?

Although you may think “Fed Up” means we got fed up with the everyday cliches, you’re not entirely wrong. However, the main reason we went with the Fed Up name was because we figured it was a small way we could honor our son that passed away. 

Jose Adrian “Fed” Solorzano passed away in July of 2019, at the age of 17. He succumbed to injuries sustained in a car accident. He had a bright future to look forward to. He found his niche in wrestling and was determined to succeed in his senior year at Melissa High School. His care for others was so immense that he wanted to be an organ donor. Although his life was cut short, he was able to give 6 others a part of him to live on. 

One of his favorite things was traveling. He enjoyed our summer trips to Northern Idaho to visit family. He was also looking forward to us moving to WA so he could visit from where ever he would end up. He was torn between college and joining the Marines. 

Now, we take him with us in spirit, to make memories in his name, Fed Up.